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May 29, 2005


Sherry Steveson

oh, isn't he just the cutest.... and you've recorded a "moment" eh?



heehee.. love his tennies w/ his jammies and he's such a good helper. =) =) =)


That is so cute. I also am a horrible mother. My boys drinks way too much Dr. Pepper! I do make them finish there milk with meals and then they get DP, unless we are eating out, then we go straight to the goo stuff.

Michelle (Woods)

missy s

too funny! we were at the lss and the owner told me i needed to get a die cut machine and joey thought she said diet coke machine?? it was so funny!

Jennifer Lynn

Coke Classic in the can is the ONLY way to go!


Too cute - my 3yr old gets a kick out of whenever I let him have "soda".

sue (kkt)


my name is sue. and i'm a coca-cola addict!

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