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June 03, 2008



You're too funny. Jesus as a fisherman would surely "catch" his attention! I kinda think that maybe you didn't even realize you were that funny. Or maybe you're just a little on the sneaky side. Very very sneaky sir. (Mr. Deeds)

I don't have a froggy slide, but we did get a new boat thing with a steering wheel/spinner floaty/crappy $20 pool inflatable AND a very cool disc swing.


he is adorable. i love the pool shot.

Jill Gross-LaFaye


Rita Weiss

OK, that photo is just waiting for the Doris to make a perfect fun page!!! Can't wait :) your #1 fan, xo

Stephanie Howell

I really don't think there is possibly any way he could be any cuter.
And i LOVE the Jesus story. You are such a good mama. ;)

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