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June 09, 2008



I love this layout! Simply Fabulous!!!


I love this one Doris. G is such a cutie!


Love the layout!!!!

That *is* a strange expression - in the MEANTIME. I've never thought of it before. It's one of those words that if you say over and over, it just gets weirder. LOL I love words and thinking about them.


PS - I just caught up on your blog and we are having VBS next Thursday and Friday night and Saturday at 11 am (in Hville). Anyone is welcome. I know it's a ways to drive but it's going be a blast. It's a western theme and we have everyone a t-shirt, bandanna, cowboy hat, sherriff's badge and more. On Saturday we're having it outside all day. Just thought I'd mention it in case you're bored! If you wanna sign him up, let me know!

Rita Weiss

ooo...such awesome doris goodness here! love that handstitching and, of course, your awesome journaling :)

laura vegas

love this layout doris! i for one, hate dirt ... but the kids seem to love it! lol!

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