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January 17, 2009


lisa truesdell



Thanks for linking to me! Also glad to know I am not alone in my punctuation quirks :)


ok i must have that...i am the wife of a farmer...and mom to a steer...named Tyler


swoon. so lovely.


Yay! Thank you for posting that! I have been dying to see it! I LOVE IT!


Ack!!! Hubba hubba hubba!! Omigosh, those are gorgeous!! I can't wait. Thanks for posting these, D!

Jen Day~sugaredsongbird

Makes me want to vintag-ize about sitting at a checkered table eating a piece of cherry pie and a frosty glass of milk. This paper is Mmmmm...
Thank you for sharing!

Staci Taylor

Oh my! I loooove this new line! Must have some of that! Speaking of the pioneer woman, I made her cream cheese filled, bacon wrapped jalepenos for my parents' party last night, and damn they were GOOD!!! Happy (3/4 of the way through) 4-day weekend, D! :-)


LOVE the red and orange!

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