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June 13, 2011



That is certainly an admirable list! I am torn this summer between wanting to accomplish things and wanting to do nothing. So far, I've been "busy" but not very productive. I want June to be my "get everything accomplished" month and July to be my "lay around and relax" month. :) I love your list! I need to add "read the Bible" to my daily list for sure.


I like your list of 10 -- might have to steal your idea when we get out for the summer (what's that? ha!)


OK so maybe I do need to do the Math one myself. When I got home I realized I only had 9 things on my list. I need to come up with one more.

lisa truesdell

LOVE this idea. you rock.

Doris Sander

thanks!  :)


so far it is working out super well!

Doris Sander

glad you thought up a solid #10!  cant wait to hear how it goes for you.  :)

Doris Sander

day two and the plan is working out well!  well see how it goes on vacation though.  youre not out yet?!  whens your last day?

Doris Sander

we have been busy beavers!  i dont think im going to catch a break till we go to florida.

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