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July 02, 2011


Jill Sprott

In sum: you are a floozie who draws the line at green sperm. Good to know. :)

Kimberly Neddo

Finding your blog has been such a treat! Full of beautiful inspiration and designs. LOVED looking through it. I'm saving your blog to visit more regularly. :)


hilarious! loved jill's comment. i love the black nail polish. it takes a special kind of girl to wear emo toes. love the haircolor too!


You are funny, Doris! Your hair looks great - very natural. Ha, black toenails say rebellion to me too - in a tame way : ) Now the story about the sperm foot, that is something else, isn't it? People are amazing creatures. Amazingly weird anyway. Gladiolas! I had a few one year then never again. I did have some black hollyhocks this year but just one little measly bunch.

Staci Taylor

hahha, so glad to know you will not be getting a sperm tatoo anytime soon!! you can totally pull off the emo toes AND the floozie hair! did your dad notice?


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