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August 06, 2011


lisa truesdell

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. love the sleepy pics the best. =)

Tami Taylor

oh my school starts that early??? (in august not in the morning ;) )

Danielle Flanders

wow, you are back to school already? my girls don't start til Sept. 7th! your gman is a handsome boy!


oh doris! he is just adorable! truly truly adorable!


Oh, he is so handsome and looks so sweet. I had to smile big about you taking clothes and making him change at school for a pic - you're my hero! Man, we don't start school here until the 19th.

Doris Sander

lol.  theres nothing like a staged reenactment for the scrapbook!

Doris Sander

thanks!  i sure think so!  my little sweet potato.  :)

Doris Sander

yea.  were on a modified year round calendar.  but that means by the time yours start ill be just 3 wks away from fall break!  two wks of relaxation baby!

Doris Sander

yep!  and lol . . . i think the 7:15 morning start is much worse than the aug. 1 first day start.  :)

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