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November 20, 2011


lisa truesdell

dude. that list!

Briana Johnson

Doris! Man alive, I love that chaotic in a fabulous way page! You and Jill have the best handwriting, seriously, your handwriting is always the perfect touch for your pages. And it's funny how your "hand" reminds me of your actual scrapbooking style.
Pillow tracks, : ) don't know if I've ever hear that. But he is the cutest kid! Well, your kid and my kid : )

Louise M urr

Ah, he is so cute, Doris...Love those pillow tracks...

Wow you got so much done and your pages looks great.

I can't wait to see your ornament!!

Julie Weis

g is adorable! that first pic is incredible. it captured something very special. a boy looking up at his mommy with love and sweetness in his eyes. awesome!!!
and wow i can not believe how much you got done. love the choas page and can not wait to see christmas garland ornament! i'll be stalking your and the jbs blog. ;)

betsy sammarco

oh my gosh! those cheeks! squeeeeeeeze!


gorgeous layout Doris, lovin' the details!

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