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November 21, 2011



I LOVE your random!

Monika Wright

Adore your mini and all your randomness! Happy Thanksgiving.

Briana Johnson

ha ha! I love it too. Those were funny. It cracks me up for some reason thinking about you speaking fluent Spanish. You can tell G that those koi fish freeze, don't they? Your album is so fun, like walking down kit memory lane.

Julie Weis

love your book, love your randoms!


Love this idea, Doris!! I was thinking about something along those lines with the December kit!! How fun!

Lisa Dickinson

love love LOVE! i need to do something with my bingo cards, but you've set the bar high :)


it's a beautiful book

Tammy Graves

Rock out on the bingo album...LOVE! random....good. gets lots of thoughts in...we could put the bugs in our freezer in the garage!...inside about 10 zip lock bags wrapped in 100 pieces of foil and saran wrap...!?!just a random thought...wonder if the cold could even get to the "bug"...so just what did you say to the momma of the math-not-done-boy...?

Louise M urr

OMG...I love your book. And you are so halarious...You have made my day Doris...Seriously I know you have to be a hoot to be around...

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