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March 06, 2006


Jann  Saulsberry

I am going to have to try this recipe...Tortilla soup is a personal favorite...thanks for sharing. A friend sent me a card recently after we had a conversation about how behind I was in getting my house "spic and span."

The card said, "A clean floor is a sign of a boring person: Pardon me but I seem to be sticking to your floor."

Now, I am not saying people who manage to get their homes clean are really and truly "boring" -- they are probably just better organized and motivated than I am...but the card made me smile -- as did your "doodling in the dust" comment so I thought I would share.

Have a great day...Blessings,


Lisa Truesdell


that reminds me, i need your potato soup recipe again. =)

Gillian Greding

Looks delish... I might need to make some this week. YUM!


Just had to include your signature Coke, huh? Looks great...must try it...Jonathan says it was great too! Blessings!


You had to rat me out on my doodling huh? If you look closely, I wrote "Doris Rocks". :)
The soup was fantastic...even cold sans cheese and the tortillas!
Page asked for G today. She saw the big box of packaging "snow" and wants him to come play again. Don't think I'm up for the vacuum-fest afterwards, but would love to have them play again.
She got the flu last night, so call at your discretion.

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