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November 16, 2008



I'm still giggling over those questions. What a kid!


What a hoot!!!!! He is a nut.

Love the layout! How in the world did you make those snowflakes?? I can't remember how to do that and Caroline just asked me today if I knew how.

Ranjini Malhotra

Loving those handcut snowflakes with the awesome button centers! And LOL about the questions from G! Too funny!

laura vegas

love the handcut snowflakes doris!!! such a cool idea!

and how funny is little dude?!?! farting and poop ... i tell you, he would get along so good with my girls. lol!


OMGsh he is hysterical!


Oooh, those snowflakes are cool! Love it!

Staci Taylor

That sounds like a question that only his mommy could answer ;-) I totally want to hang out with G, hehea! Love the LO and how you made the snowflakes - great idea!


G is a riot!
Love the lo..you will have to teach a "make a snowflake class" next:)

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