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December 07, 2008


Chelle Greene

All of them are fabulous! I really like how you added the "dirt" behind the first picture. So clever and well done!

Mary MacAskill

You are not alone. I have only finished my title page for the album. It's sad really. And my blog? Neglected. Utterly.


Coolish!!!! Show us some more!


I love all of them. But the one with the "dirt"..over the top! Very cool:)


Yaay for Calvinball - loving all the layouts but esp. Dirt :) I haven't succumbed to the Twilight series yet...I would do the same as you so I am holding off until I really need a distraction :)

Staci Taylor

You must be my twin - I finally just started twilight a few days ago too!! I figured since I was the only person left in the world (although apparantly not THE only one ;-) who hadn't read it, there must be something to this whole twilight thing... I have a ways to go still, and i'm just on number one, lol. Great layouts, Doris! My fav is the dirt one - too cool!!


great layouts - i love the dirt one!! I know how it goes with the twilight thing - i did the same thing and probably won't read again!!

Amber Scurlock

Cuuuuute layouts...I especially love the dirt one! That seems to hold true for boys (and men!) of any ages! =) Have a great week!

laura vegas

such great layouts doris! i love the "busy bees" one .. love everyday photos like that! and i love the "mama's boy" one too ... that photo of you two is adorable!

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