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June 26, 2010


Amy Coose

Oooohhhh, this class sounds awesome! I love your page, too!

Susan C.

Love the photo you took! Shimelle's class sounds fun! =)

Jill Sprott

I know just what you mean about summer scrapbooking being the best kind of scrapbooking. I love summer, too. Family time, beach days, cookouts -- good times!

Lynsey  Nolan

I love your page.I like to scrapbook my two grandson playing outside in the sun.They are one and a half and nearly four,so they love spending time outside.
Thanks for the chance to win.


I love sitting at a ballgame or swim meet watching one of my kids participate on a "perfect" weather day, Ya know, no bugs, no extreme heat or wind... just gently warm and breezy! (In Kansas that perfect weather moment is rare!) THanks for the opportunity... my pictures could definitely use improvement.


Are those bathtubs Doris? Oh! you have just brought back a childhood memory for me - splashing around in the old bathtub on a hot summer day - more water going out than staying in but it was such fun.

Sue Bone

Lazy summer afternoons at the bach with other school mums. Lots of chat, lots of other children for mine to play with and no whining of I'm bored.


Summer here in the Uk means to make the most of the nice weather, so visits to the beach, lots of BBQs with friends are the norm!!

Kristine S

Love seeing my son at the beach--such a water boy (and of course getting ice cream)


I love summer because I have plenty of time for traveling and taking pictures. I love it also because the days are longer so I manage to do more things in one day :D


Catching butterflies! Playing outside all day long! Tennis!

Michelle Woods

One of my favorites from my childhood was not caring that I was sticking to the hot seats in my mom's car or walking over the hot gravel parking lot because it was all to get to the pool! I loved the smell of the pool, the sound of the diving board, the trees that surrounded the pool. Everything! Hmm. I now wish I had pictures of it all so I could scrapbook it.


my favorite childhood memory is getting to stay out late playing with friends and not going to bed until it was dark.


it's definitely spending time near the water. any water! a pool, the beach, floating in a river. love it all!


Summer is spending a lot of time outdoors at the beach. Of course we have it all year. Your layout was beautiful and the class sounds like a lot of fun.


Love your photo & layout. My favourite summer moment is always the first night of our vacation, exploring new places & knowing we have the whole trip ahead of us :)

Karen Moss

I love summer because I can have the windows and doors open, smell the flowers and listen to all birds outside.

Jane S

Love the quote on the page... that's a good snapshot for sure. Shimelle class sounds so fun! Jane S.

Rita Timmons

Awesome page Doris! We just returned from a weekend at the lake - reminded me of all the times when I was a kid and how my dad took us camping just about every weekend. That is what summer is all about - total freedom to play all day long!

Stephanie Baxter

Sounds like a fab class...Shimelle is fab!


Love the LO. I feel like asking them too smoosh over so I can share that pool! It's sooooo hot here at the moment! I love Shimelle's classes but haven't been able to purchase a place this time (motorbike thieves have conspired against my scrapbooking plans this month! Long story! LOL), I'd so love to win a place.


Antonia S-H

I love Shimelle's classes. Please enter me.


Wow! what a great give-away! And your layout is beautiful! My favorites are the summerholidays with my sister and her family in Norway...We are leaving again for Norway in two weeks!


Fresh berries...strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, marionberries. Nothing beats the berries!

Love the layout. It's finally warm enough to enjoy kicking the water!

Sarah Giles

One of my favourite moments of summer is the simple business of being able to hang washing on the line in the sun and pick some herbs or pull up a few carrots for dinner. Love it. :)

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