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August 14, 2010



I love all these! I just giggled bcause I'm trying to picture Gabriel as a grown man (after reading your journaling on "Dreamy") and I can't do it! He's just too squeezable and cute. :)

Eric Erickson

I absolutely love when people create pages that use unexpected colors and embellishments - While these layouts use embellishments that are stereotypically girly...the designs are all boy. I especially love "Glimpse."

Staci Taylor

"pink is just faded red" - i think that's my new favorite doris-ism! you rock!! :-)


Wow! You are Rockin' with the layouts! And I too love the "pink is just faded red" saying.

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I think Girly's style is line-based and monochrome, using a vertical format. The original style of line drawing is akin to a manga-style but with more abstractions, giving it a sketched, freehand sort of look.

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First picture with ice-cream, awesome!

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