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September 18, 2010


lisa truesdell

i'm in love w/ that book cover. totally need to do a LO based on it. lauren child is my favorite and my best!

Kris Anderson

Your teaching BPS class?!?! Do tell more... :)

Jill Sprott

My daughter has that copy of Pippi Longstocking. :) It's actually been censored a bit, though. The word "cannibals" in the original book has been replaced by the word "natives." When we compared her copy to the copy I had as a kid, we were shocked.

Doris Sander

cannibals?  really?  that is so odd.

Doris Sander

yes!  my first!  ill be posting more information as soon as i know and am able!

Doris Sander

lots of sweet pages inside too.  i love what shes done w text on some of those.  i hope to lift a page or two before i have to take it back.  :)


Pippi Longstockings were my favorite books as a child!

Doris Sander

i know! it was a really fun one.  i am tempted to read it again while i have it checked out from the library.

erbjudanden resor

Detta r vad hon gr.
Du kan inte ge en falsk e-postadress eftersom du kommer att behva klicka p lnkar i fog via e-post innan de skickar till dig.

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