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October 06, 2010


tammy graves

Okay Doris....I showed Jeremiah the photos of what G has been doing at Cub Scouts, and he just started cracking up! Those pics are so adorable! Perfect high school graduation roast photos? He hasn't done that sort of thing in scouts yet....but I will sure be ready with my camera if he does!!! lOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUTS!!! Call when you get back as Jeremiah keeps asking to play with Gabriel!!! Have fun with mom and pop!


amazing layouts! my favorite one is the first! oh! this sticthing.... so adorable!! sigh! great job ! you are soooooooooo creative!i love your work!

Staci Taylor

oh these are fabulous, D! i love love love the first one with the circle stitching!

Sasha Farina

thanksgiving mini bingo! how adorable!

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