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January 30, 2011



oh. I'm in!

Doris Sander

woohoo!  so exciting!  i must warn you though . . . celeste is a beast . . . numbers will easily hit 3 figures . . .


both you and Celeste are totally downplaying the trash talking that goes on during the month!

Doris Sander

we are professionals.  snicker.

betsy sammarco

this is way too funny . . . and although i'm already conceding defeat . . . I'm IN!

Jill Sprott

I am willing to vie for last place. Sure, why not? :)

Amy Bender

Sounds like FUN!

Sandra Bowen

I'm in too...and hopefully this will motive me to get some needed LO's done...! :D


I just posted my first entries on my blog! I'm gonna catch up!

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