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April 20, 2011



Love you! Sorry you have had a bad week but I love your positive list! Positive thoughts definitely change things!


sorry to hear about your bad week! you can be proud to be able to have such a positive outlook on your life!! I also believe that we choose happiness! love you thankful list!

lisa truesdell

12 happys is a good thing. =)

Doris Sander

better day today!  a positive attitude always helps.  :)

Doris Sander

hiya!  we should have a girls night out soon!  :)

Lisa Dickinson

i need to make a list too - might help get these nagging grumblies out my head :) and i know the JBS kit will be on that list...can't wait for delivery!!

Connie M

sorry about the bad week, glad your son won't miss the egg hunt and yes it is a good thing waking up to Shimelle in my inbox!!

Debbie Hodge

Hi, Doris, You're awesome. I'm sorry you had a bad week. HUGS Debbie

Doris Sander

aaaaaaand this week my windshield wipers went out in the middle of the flood zone.  what can i do?  laugh!  :)

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