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November 17, 2011


Lisa Truesdell

Grandma's new couch looks comfy. :)


My fave part is that you were the one designated to go in and set off the bombs, lol. You must have a secret personality disorder we don't know about. At least you aren't dreaming about taming your rake. So funny! I used to remember my dreams like crazy then I got insomnia for real and now take ambien and can't remember my dreams anymore. Bummer.

Jill Sprott

Wacky! The first two seem to be about a lack of control or certainty, but the last one seems to indicate that you resolved that! Dreams are so weird sometimes...


There was must be "something" going around! I dreamed the yankees were after me & the Nascar drivers came to my rescue in their racecars! My husband says no more ice cream before bed for me!

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