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December 29, 2011


Julie Weis

love this post. it makes me smile! the place settings are perfect. just my style i would love to be a guest at your table and i love the way you pulled out the good stuff for dessert.;) your home looks so warm and inviting.
the photo of g and the cat is priceless and i adore your gift wrapping!!

Briana Johnson

Doris, this is one of the funniest posts! LOL, I was seriously admiring your dishes, no lie, then I read on where you said oneida non silverware and napkin courtesy of McDonald's, girl, I lost it, bwhahahah. THEN I noticed the buffalo glass - oh my, so funny. I'm glad you decided to "take it up a notch" on your desert!! Ha ha! "Courtesy of" LOL.

Now, seriously, that is the prettiest gift wrap job EVER. I am mad in love with that. I want to copy it on a scrapbook page on kraft. You're real tree looks very pretty and those lego ships are awesome! Fun post.

Briana Johnson

PS - page done, 4 partials - watch out!


Thank you Mackie for being the first person to buy your rfflae ticket, beacuse your the first person and you were supa fast! i have given u two tickets for the price of one.Your name and ticket numbers are now on the Magic Ticket Holder poster!Good LuckXX

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