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December 30, 2011



ah! making me all warm and fuzzy just in time for bed! *heart*

And I love this community that we have - that we've watched each other's children grow, that we enjoy each other's journeys.

Jill Sprott

I can't believe you included me among these "greats," Doris! :) I'm so incredibly flattered. And what you said about Z? I could cry. I kind of did.

Kathy R

Three of your choices (Anja, Karen, Patrice) I do not know, so I'll be looking them up. The rest I definitely agree with you, they are fabulous. Of course my list would have your blog listed along with Lisa Truesdell and Stephanie Howell. All you wonderfully talented ladies keep my mojo going strong. Thanks.


oh doris, you're so so kind, I can't believe I am in this list either. I am honored and humbled. thank you so deeply for your kind, kind words. here's to an amazing 2012 for all of us!


This is one of my favorites: http://themeanestmom.blogspot.com/


Thanks for the mention! It is much appreciated! Lots of my faves on that list too! :)

Stephanie Howell

happy new year sweet doris! xoxo


Your pics were beautiful! Congratulations! We were the omasiinsries from the D.R. that worked with the Vargases in the clinic. Also, friends with your parents and the Martins. We wish the best to you and your beautiful wife. God Bless and remember that marriage always takes 3! With Christ in the middle you can never fail! Love you you and your family.

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