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December 01, 2011


Briana Johnson

I want this book for my daily! ; ) Man, that title page is THE best! I really love your concept here, very unique. I love the colors you used here too. LIke lots. I like that it does still seem like neutrals with lots of cream and black and then you have nice shots of rich color throughout. I'm glad I stayed up to see it! I think I understand you binding technique - I need to try that someday - will definitely been keeping track of this project.

Louise M urr

Oh wow Doris...How impressive. You need to do a class on this book concept. Seriously!! It is so cool. I like it so much. I like using repurposed old books like that to make something new. I look forward to seeing your progress on this. It is looking fantastic already!!


Julie Weis

dang, you make me want to do one! i absolutely love yours! it is going to be such an heirloom piece when you finish.


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