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December 18, 2011



I love that! Good luck and call me if you need encouragement. Maybe we can do a 15 minute sprint together online. Each of us will take 15 minutes and then report back how much got done. What do you think? I HAVE to clean up the downstairs tomorrow and I could use some encouragement.

Julie Weis

you can do it doris!! but 3632 emails, yikes!! good luck with that one.

Louise M urr

I hope you make it Doris....You go girl!! I love the son's hair/dog/leg comment...you are so funny. lol. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Happy Blessed New Year...Keep us posted.


I did this last summer - only it was 30 days. I can't tell you how good it felt when I was finished!

Briana Johnson

Bwaha, about G's hair and your legs! Another haha at Eye of the Tiger, LOL! That was my fave song as a little 80s child, so funny. Nasty that, ha, true, nasty dat! I've never ever had even close to that many emails. How's it possible I'm asking myself.


My all time favourite as well! Let's look wrfraod to some madness we all need some! Looking wrfraod to seeing what you make of Mab's Welsh Dragon!

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