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December 03, 2011


Briana Johnson

Wow, what a wonderful post, Doris, even makes me happy reading this. I'm so glad you and G both had a great start to December this weekend. And all the vintage numbers . . color me jealous.

Julie Weis

loved what you said about the different nationalities waving american flags! now that what america is all about! sounds like an awesome day!!!


Great picture of you two at the parade!! Wish I could have gone to Vintagefest!

Louise M urr

How touching what you saw and reflected from the parade. We are all truly blessed...and blessed even more that we are close to go to the VintageFest. I need to post a pic of my findings. I picked up 2 more little suitcases. I love those things to put my scrappy stuff in. They look neat all stacked up. I have about 9 of them now and I think I got nearly all of them from Jenni's sales! Those numbers for your Christmas daily is a great idea! I got a 20 and an 11 to make a page with 2011 on it...Maybe on a Christmas page since the colors were the red and black. Fun fun stuff.

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